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R2 This video card has video RAM which is either 64 bits or bits wide. This table column is the peak fill rate in gigatexels per second. Retrieved 16 June This value may be constrained by insufficient memory bandwidth. Video card performance can vary wildly from one game engine to another. This is a minor update to DirectX

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Retrieved 27 April Many entries in the ati radeon x300 se hypermemory rv370 as well as the the column descriptions are linked to more thorough explanations of what they mean. Hypermemkry chipset series. Render Output Units and Compute Units. Retrieved 6 December hypermemorg Video cards which have xbitlabs measurements are shown in the wattage column using bold green characters.

B First number indicates OEM cards. UVD 7 [1] [a]. Views Read Wti View history. HD seriesHD The most common practice is to measure ati radeon x300 se hypermemory rv370 clamp meter wattage when the computer is idling. You can read more about video RAM on this page. Compatibility issues for ATX power supplies and motherboards A short history of PC power supply voltage rails So what’s all this rubbish about multiple 12 volt rails?

List of AMD graphics processing units – Wikipedia

The amount of noise which is considered annoying varies from person to person so ati radeon x300 se hypermemory rv370 value represents the most common opinion expressed by reviewers. High-end cards tend to get lots of attention from hypermsmory so they have lots of hypermemorj benchmark data. Retrieved 8 August This is not the wattage load delivered by the AC power cord to the computer.

You can read more about the 3D capabilities of various DirectX versions on this page. Retrieved 11 May But the CPU load is also substantially higher when running a video game than when idling at the desktop and other parts of the hardware consume more power as well. Ati radeon x300 se hypermemory rv370 technologies and software. This column lists the sound of the card at its loudest which happens most commonly when running games.

Les concurrents directs hypefmemory Radeon sont les GeForce du fabricant Nvidia.

Retrieved 1 June Low-end cards or slowed down models for example, use 64 bit video RAM instead of the standard bit often have little or no benchmark data available. Hard disk counting methods apparently only apply to video RAM bandwidth numbers.

Articles on radon subject often have titles like “Deciphering the pipeline mess” or “GeForce FX shader mysteries”. GCN 3 rd gen 28 nm.

A Look at the New Xbox “. TeraScale 2 40 nm.

This is considered to be the first pixel shader model with the necessary color precision and flexibility to generate hypermmory quality images.

If a table column can have more than one possible configuration then the different configurations are separated by “,”s. Project Scorpio tech revealed”.

You can get DirectX 9 drivers for DirectX 7 and 8 video cards but they don’t have hardware support for the new features which were added in DirectX 9. Retrieved 5 January Compatible avec les shaders models 2.

Retrieved 27 October GCN 5 th gen 14 nm. Be sure to read any notes for a particular model because they may be required to interpret some special cases. It preferably used for frame buffer.

NVIDIA’s TurboCache implementation has many variations and their informatation hasn’t been raden specific either so ati radeon x300 se hypermemory rv370 numbers below are a best guess. You cannot compare the numbers or clock rates of units between different kinds of GPUs. These speed numbers have been derived from a large number of gaming benchmarks. Radon the table column is a numeric value which can be anywhere within a ati radeon x300 se hypermemory rv370 of values then that is shown as the lowest value, then hypermemkry “.

Une Radeon HD avec 5 sorties sur tom’s hardware, le 3 mars Tv370 There’s no such thing as a single speed number which you can use to compare how fast different video cards are at games. The speed number gives the approximate speed of the video card at 3D games.

List of AMD graphics processing units

Pour les articles homonymes, voir Radeon homonymie. It was introduced first in the Radeon Pro.

As a result, the speed ratios between fast cards and slow cards aren’t very accurate. GCN 4 th gen 14 nm. Archived ait the original on 17 April ATI’s is called HyperMemory.