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The issue has continously gotten worse. Add solder to the top of the existing pins, place the solder sucker adjacent to the pin with the soldering iron touching the top of the new solder. Should I remove the foam pad and put the thermal compound on it also? I plugged the monitor into a desktop running XP that I have and the screen looks fine. I had a customer with a Compaq laptop with a nearly identical lcd screen that was cracked. Up to now I have not been able to find someone who can definitely say what is damaged. The best way to find out if you have issues with inverter or backlight lamp is testing the laptop with another known good inverter or backlight.

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Screen inverter board

Before any subsequent start of the laptop, I first tryied using its own display. I believe the microphone cable connected to the board which is mounted under the keyboard cover. After putting it hp dv6810us xp back together the computer still has no power. Well, I got the metal casing off. None of these efforts produced positive results. Otherwise the solder will run away, or worse, run up hp dv6810us xp tip.

If I hold a strong flashlight up to the screen I can see that windows loads as well as the icons and so forth. The inverter is working fine, since with the signal cable unplugged the screen lights up white.

But eventually the power jack dv6810uss in Wuss! hp dv6810us xp

How to disassemble HP Pavilion dv6500, dv6600, dv6700, dv6800

Can you boot in Safe mode? Could be bad video cable.

I guess there could be a problem with the motherboard. You should get something like VDC. Still hoping it is hp dv6810us xp the mobo. I have a presario c Could be connection related issue. Thank you very much for your tutorial. Will it boot this way? The HP part number for this board is: You are an absolutely fantastic human hp dv6810us xp I used this for my HP ZD Is there software that will let the computer run without a windows enviroment?

If not, check the memory modules. My old laptop has exactly this loose power connection problem. Almost made me feel like Im defusing a bomb or something. What happens if you press hp dv6810us xp the eject button while the laptop still in BIOS. I cannot turn it on. I believe the screws used to hook the casings go all hp dv6810us xp way down to the metal bracket.

It was very useful in taking my DV apart to repair the DC power jack. My lcd screen goes black on AC but works fine on battery, hp dv6810us xp monitor works ok either way, screen shows desktop when black on battery when shine light on it. Should it be replaced or is this normal? I have searched all over for this thing. Is this what will happen if polarity is reversed on dc power connector?

Hp dv6810us xp screen has gone black although at an angle can still see the desktop, also external monitor works fine. The obvious question I have is; does anyone have a guide as to what screws go where. Nothing cp on screen, you hear the fan turn on, all the little hp dv6810us xp lights on hp dv6810us xp laptop console come on and then it just shuts off.

I removed my mother board from my laptop Dell Inspiron What would you do? The part number will help you a lot. The screen also had a reddish glow to it. This sounds like a problem dv6801us the x card. Rob Meyer it sounds like u have a short on the board, the boards are multilayered and have tracks inside the board.

I wonder if it is my soldering? I have an Acer z.

If the video card is a discrete module, you can replace just the video card. I will have to try again and give you the actual error hp dv6810us xp. No backlight at all but the image x; still on the screen? Try removing memory modules one by one. What is the purpose of this cable?

DC power jack repair guide | Laptop Repair

Thanks in advance for your help…and for all the guidance you have provided me through your advice to others. I smeard the bottom of the port with 2-stage epoxy, put it in place, and clamped it in place with hp dv6810us xp spring clothespin. Is there any functional difference in Inverter boards.

Which connector are you hpp about?