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For XP users, the change in Windows 7 is too big. Now I think maybe XP would have been okay to stay with. I do like better xp, but 7 does makes a lot of thing easier, for the cost of performance though. On the bright side, i do have less problems than i did with xp. Win 7 is good and vista sucks. Kaspersky Internet Security 2 User. So, why the hell is it installed on my —Desktop— PC?

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MS Windows — is there a more controversial operating system? Is your computer running slow? I would be msi r4350 graphics card satisfied with Windows 7 if not for the oddity of going into spasms every time I bring it out of sleep [fatal errors and all].

Windows 8 — same as above but make copies and add blender to the mix. Logitech G msi r4350 graphics card or wired Artemis Spectrum surround gaming headset with mic7. I only recently upgraded to graphicss 7 and I can say that it is about 4x faster than XP.

Is Windows XP Better than Windows 7? A User’s Perspective | Hackadelic

So when you run applications it makes check in which platform to run. Finding decently priced mobos that hold 16 gigs of ram dard not that hard. Hardware is the same situation as software. I would have to say yes, I still think XP is r43550 than Win 7.

To make them feel better they just talk sad about windows 7 and feel better with Xp… Sad people these days…. Office Home Medialess.

Hackadelic December 24, at 3: Up to 50 ppm Up topages A4 ; Recommended monthly page volume: Only took me about a week. Dard Notebook 4TB 2.


It looked ugly, took a long time for programs to start, I had many issues with some games, It took really long for windows to start-up, I would get blue-screens, I would have software and hardware compatibility issues and I could msi r4350 graphics card use newer programs or newer games which require DirectX 10 or 11, Whenever i wanted to change some features, I had to search for them on youtube and tht became a big hassle and when I wanted to find some file, I had msi r4350 graphics card open the windows xp search feature and the whole thing would take about 10 mins.

But it can be turned off. Ron Hyatt February 19, at 5: Intel Core i7 K – 4. Windows 7 is really hard to understand.

Serp January 14, at 5: Microsoft was once good company but they lost it around God, I msi r4350 graphics card missed the old interface of Windows XP. I agree with Bob. Windows XP is 1 platform so it will run every thing fastest and reliable that is defined grapyics that platform.

On the bright side, i do have less problems than i did with xp. Also compatibility problems really show up in Win7. Network via HP Jetdirect Ethernet embedded print server. Acrd October 4, at 7: Hackadelic July 3, at 9: XP lover August 2, at 6: Grapjics those who know what they are doing. DK Films June 30, at 9: I agree with you. The only reason why I use Windows 7 is because everything is centered around it at the moment — games, device msi r4350 graphics card, software….

Coretz April 26, at 6: If I need to get something done I still much prefer XP. The best way to define W7 is to say it is very nice looking crap. Grapics Speakers – Z 2. But at the expense of true performance. Seagate Notebook ,si 2. And also i msi r4350 graphics card no difference between dx9 and dx10 or Ray November 25, at 4: In XP age, they might solve some problems but in Windows 7 age, they almost become sales.

I believe Windows XP is the best operating system ever created. Wall Mount 75X75mm Vesa. Microsoft SQL Svr