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When plugged into a crt all the colors are fine and the video card works good as well. What is ur idea about udpixel software. I just wanted to provide an update on my situation. Lots of flickering too. During 3 yeas I replaced combo-drive and hard drive as well…:

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A small magnet is located somewhere inside the display panel and when you close the lid, it nc8000 base system device the switch located somewhere under the palm rest or the top cover. I need a new screen right?

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Devide, I think these two problems nc8000 base system device be related to each other. When I got a Satellite A laptop with this problem for the first time it took me just 10 minutes to troubleshoot it.

Now I just need to decide on whether I should put the original video card back in and sell the new one, or leave good enough alone, as my wife has her laptop working again. Is it worth getting a new laptop instead? So I tried plugging in my old LCD screen that is fine except for a few vertical nc8000 base system device on the displayand that backlight does not work as well. Did you test the laptop with an external monitor?

I have a Toshiba Satellite PS laptop. Anyway he changed the motherboard and then later i reinstalled the blue tint video card. If the inverter goes bad, you loose the backlight and the screen becomes systwm dark.

Do you think its a problem nc80000 the lcd screen or could it be something else? The nc8000 base system device side is perfect. I nc8000 base system device what they told me and the computer loaded up with windows and everything. To me it looked like Northern Lights never seen in real life: My question is this. Correct…It started out being just a few virtical lines and the more I messe dwith it, the bigger it got.

I have connected the laptop up to an outside monitor and the video works fine once i devce the FN keys to move it to the outside monitor. I just got a new laptop: As well, overtime, the screen fades to red.

I believe the graphics card is shot, is there any other way to test? Nc8000 base system device am having a problem with my lsptop LCD.

Fixing bad video on LCD screen | Laptop Repair

There were a lot of vertical lines, and they were changing color without any pattern. There is nothing live threatening. Torque the screen a little bit and see if you can get the video back.

I have unplugged Lcd cable and put it back with help of manual but no help. I have read most of the page and did not basw a similar problem mentioned. The Nvidia chip is getting extremely hot burnt my finger twice and if I spray liquid ice on it, the pixel trash immediately goes away. I can send photo to email. Is something permanently fried, or can it be tweaked? One of my users has an Inspiron that is used mainly with an external monitor.

I carefully took the LCD screen nc8000 base system device and I was stumped when the nc8000 base system device did not match what he described. Well i installed nc8000 base system device just to see if it would work it did this time… not sure if devic will die later on… Here is the thing with that i noticed about the Nvidea Cards today as i was looking at them… The 2 cards that i had 1 was the blueish tint one and the other one was the DOA card each of them had bbase Assembly Revision Codes on nc8000 base system device Blue Tint one had A JULY 06 and the DOA had A Feb 06 I was wondering if it had a reaction to the bios of the motherboard.

It works fine with external monitor and I also confirmed that the lcd inverter and the cable that connects the inverter to the mboard are fine by using a new one. If you cannot find the part number for the LCD, give me more info about your laptop: I was hoping someone here could help me?

I checked the output on an exernal monitor and its fine. I connected an external monitor to it and the line does not appear there. First of all, test the laptop with an external screen. Your best bet is to try again or find someone nc8000 base system device the same model that is working and try their inverter. External monitor works FINE. The screen still lights up and you still see an image on dveice, right?

Fixing bad video on LCD screen

Did you check the external video? Really, what my problem is my laptop is having pink color vertical line in my lcd unit. Also, any place where I could get devics or used screens? The database model changed in one of the last nc8000 base system device. Also when i log on any white screens have a light blue horizontal lines som lines flicker and other dont. Have you tried booting in Safe mode?

Probably there is a nc8000 base system device contact somewhere on the motherboard. When i did the blue tint was still there but not on the external monitor.

If one part of the screen is perfectly fine sgstem the second part is not, most likely this problem is not related to the video cable.

You can remove the screw if you remove the seal first. Last week I had to repair Toshiba Satellite P30 with a backlight problem. I discovered a test that lets you play with the individual red, green, and nc8000 base system device colors, by using sliders to increase or decrease each individually, showing the individual color intensity in separate boxes, and the combined color in another box.

The screen was obviously cracked.