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For these machines, pressing and holding the F12 key immediately after powering-on the notebook will allow you to alter the notebook’s boot priority. I have an Advent that shows a white screen with slowly developing coloured lines on start-up from cold, but is OK with a warm boot. Ivanjerald December 11, Any idea how this can be explained? Anandkrishna R May 27,

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BIOS Setup / BIOS settings — access instructions

If an external keyboard satellite l645-s4102 attached to the notebook either directly or via a docking station or a port-replicatordisconnect it until you have completed this procedure.

My suspicion that somehow the inverter is involved. Try reseating the LCD cable connector and see if it fixes the problem. Your satellite l645-s4102 will be deeply appreciated. Which part could be wrong? Can i replace it?

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Before you do anything, test your laptop with an external monitor. The the bottom of bezel is broken.

When I adjust the screen back or front the blue tint and the occasional red lines go away. I cannot satellite l645-s4102 which one failed without testing the laptop. Hi sir, I have exactly the problem you have shown satellite l645-s4102 the image.

I bought a replacement one from ebay with the exact same model number, only it said it was pulled from toshiba A If you have same problem weird colors, lines on the external monitor, this is graphics card failure. Sarah Tushemereirwe, Is it an older laptop? Satellite l645-s4102 would probably try replacing the screen first.

Wow thank you so much! My laptop screen was looking distorted and fuzzy after I gently satellite l645-s4102 the screen. Amol November 1, The sateklite is filled with one colore satllite a time.

Try wiggling the cable while the laptop is turned on. Did you test external video?

Hi, my laptop Acer travelmate sometimes hangs with visual artifacts displaying very fast, like huge horizontal bars. What is your problem? Disconnect laptop screen cable satellite l645-s4102 the motherboard and test the laptop with the external monitor again. Have you tested laptop with an external monitor? Coker November 12, I have dell inspiron 14 ll645-s4102 are two plastic clips that hold the screen to the keyboard the one on the left snapped off and I have only satellite l645-s4102 of it.

Screen shows strange colors | Laptop Repair

I datellite have anyother laptop or tv to check on. Really cannot tell without testing satellite l645-s4102 laptop. Connecting external monitor the image is fine. Ankush Chander July 8, I also have some sorts of pblm with my laptop,intel del core 2. Satrllite I turned on my laptop this afternoon I was shocked to find that the colours on the screen were off, and the pictures were very slow to refresh like when you freeze an Satellite l645-s4102.

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Esc key method Turn the computer on. Jie November 23, Satellite l645-s4102 the video problem appears ONLY on the laptop screen and the external monitor works properly, this could be one of the satellite l645-s4102 My laptop is hp How do I replace this cable?

Is there a chance that satellite l645-s4102 actual connector on the motherboard is bad? The new screen lights up and it means the inverter working fine.

First, I would check connection between the display cable and motherboard.