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They made fun of the looks but after i hit it, all had to try it. As we said in the review, the PowerPod II is a solid, though not extraordinary performer, whose design is clearly going to limit its market impact. If I guy has to ask me 2 or 3 times how many more shots he has to hit, I know with virtual certainty that the LOP score is going to be low. See 2 More Filters. Most telling, self-confessed gear junkie, Nick, actually yelled at me, “dude, get me out of this club”.

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Drop ship Item tiger shark powerpod ii ship from manufacturer within the lead time specified on this page. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. So why would one want to consider trying a PowerPod II?

I agree, this thing looks like a huge hook waiting to happen.

While our numbers don’t gel with our tiger shark powerpod ii perceptions, we more or less get where they’re coming from. One handed it back and powerpd how do you hit this thing. If they really like the driver, they’ll remember the longest.

This item has low stock in our warehouses and your order will ship based on availability.

poserpod Our testers clearly weren’t receptive. Ttiger Stock Item ships from Zoro warehouses and will ship within 1 business day. Large, closed face inspires confidence that you won’t slice it; subtle tiger shark powerpod ii marking on the crown is a useful alignment aid.

Sign me up for the newsletter. This was pre graphite shaft days, but there was a non metal shaft that was almost like a buggy whip that most tiger shark powerpod ii the guys used. I can’t remember ever testing a club that incited so many comical responses from our testers. Sign Up for Newsletters Receive insider analysis, swing tips, equipment news, itger offers and much more. I thought it was a bit different looking yes, but it still very much resembles a normal over sized driver. I’m not going to sugar coat things in the least.

This data tiger shark powerpod ii as the foundation for our final performance score. That said, some of these guys have been in on every one of our driver tests, and I’ve got all the data. People privileged enough to get to test new, innovative golf equipment for free ought to at least attempt the courtesy of giving products a chance before poeerpod condemn them.

The PowerPod II Driver from the mind of Jim Flood and Tiger Shark Golf

Some original Powerpods had early composite shafts. I use the original red face Powerpod sometimes. From Golf Magazine March, Category: If I had my druthers, all of the clubs we tiger shark powerpod ii would come to us with no identifying characteristics whatsoever no logos — nothing tiger shark powerpod ii, as I believe it would be the only way to completely eliminate bias, and tiger shark powerpod ii notions from our testing process.

There is an element of explanation that doesn’t come across in the data, and that is that our testers found it very difficult to adjust to the looks of the club. As you can imagine, there were a few Hammer references, plenty of “what the hell is this thing” questions, and my personal favorite, “It’s the Rocky Dennis of drivers”. I have never noticed the shaft to be too whippy myself.

Most, as you can see from the review, perceived distance differently than our numbers indicate. According to TigerShark, there are nearly a dozen reasons.

This information, which we powrrpod collected from our performance testers, is used as the foundation for our total subjective score. Not surprisingly, they experienced poor results.

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Standard delivery time is business days. If you’ve got a more conventionally shaped driver, and you’re hitting a decent number of fairways, and leaving yourself reasonable distance to the green, there’s very little reason to consider swapping your current gamer for the PowerPod II.

It looks to be several degrees closed. Most were actually extremely curious about the club, and really tiger shark powerpod ii to get their swings in…at least initially.

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When the guys with low handicaps or the ones that could usually hit the fairways hit. I see tiger shark powerpod ii kind of thinking from my testers all the time, but I thought I was mostly immune to it. Item ships from Zoro warehouses and will snark within 1 business day.

None of this really surprises me.

Tiger Shark PowerPod II Driver

Mine has a steel shaft. Toulon Garage Custom Putters: I’ll admit it – this was a tough one ji me to write up. Apr 21, 15 Comments. Sound and feel are closely linked, no doubt. They made fun of the looks but after i hit it, all had tiger shark powerpod ii try it. With tigef PowerPod II, every one of my testers asked me how many more shots they had to hit at least once.

In fact, the charts show that a high percentage of poewrpod testers shots ended up reasonably close to one another. Oh look its two tone and has a shelf in the back lets all laugh at it now tiger shark powerpod ii some guy was daring enough to step out of the realm of the normal. Item is not currently in stock and will be ordered from manufacturer to fulfill your order.