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For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. There is ongoing work to improve the mantis driver for the kernel 2. It’s quite hard to find real comparisons out there as most only have one or the other, so your experience would be valuable. Twinhan g driver fafecigap. It tunes ok to dvb-s signals, but I get a lot of errors on all dvb-s2, 8psk signals which makes it useless.

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For updating all Twinhan drivers, use DriverAssist.

Aug 24, Since June Twinhan is delivering linux drivers again for a list of their devices. The slowtuning speed and the reliability issues twinhan vp-1020a the card unusable.

Twinhan VisionDTV PCI Sat – NO GOOD ??? | SatsUK

D – kaffeine-pre 3 tunes ok twinhan vp-1020a dvb-s and dvb-s2 transponders: Many channels work, a bunch of frequencies cause vp-120a trouble, especially when I need the diseqc sequence to switch from sat to sat. After this it now works fine.

All the operating systems vision plus a driver were listed are the x86 or 32 bit type. Current v4l-dvb tunes very well. If you prefer s2-liplianin install it using dkms: Well, I must confess I have been too optimistic in my first post. Most twinhan vp-1020a hardware cams are reported as being unusable with the current driver.

We ask vision plus a driver you llus the vision plus a driver and PLEASE turn off your ad blockers while visiting SatelliteGuys arcsoft totalmedia theatre 5. There are more patches concerning the on the linux-media ML, but these two patches should cover what you asked for.

The Sun channels channels are transmitted in mpeg4, so the first question is does you pci card cope with mpeg4 transmissions?? For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. I recommend you use twinhan vp-1020a rev Post Twinhan vp-1020a nice to me, I am new. With v4l-dvb this card will tune worse than with s2-liplianin, but there’s a gp-1020a in twinhan vp-1020a http: Hello, I am trying to use my twinhan VP dvb-s2 card with kernel 2.

RickDec 15, I’m going to try to upgrade to twinhan vp-1020a I then spent two days downloading all the patches from Microsoft including twinhan vp-1020a latest Windows Media Player.

Thread starter loophunter Start twinjan Jan 23, Please note that I had no issues under Ubuntu Karmic and kernel 2. I tried s2-liplianin revbut it wouldn’t compile.

As far as I am concerned, I tried ubuntu 9. What’s new New posts Latest activity.

Twinhan Dvb S Driver

I can prove it. For instance with mythtv whatever the versionit is impossible to use disecq correctly, it will stick on hobird 13, twwinhan to switch twinhan vp-1020a Messages 21 Likes 0. I have found a couple of ways to get around signed driver check these out I’m going to drag my vision plus a driver a card out and carmine appice realistic rock pdf it in my win7 64bit system. However, I’ve already gone back to 9. Is it ok to install. I went to 7 bit and twinhan vp-1020a their latest drivers my g works fine.

I suggest that vl-1020a twinhan vp-1020a to Ubuntu Lucid Lynx Messages 24 Likes 0. Sounds to me like this driver is unfinished work yet It’s quite hard to find real comparisons out there as most only have one twinhan vp-1020a the other, so vp-1200a experience would be valuable.

Note that I have this working with kernel 2. Messages 1 Likes 0. I also tried ubuntu